Which pizza is healthy?

Pizza must be recession-proof - last year we spent more than £700million on the Italian fast-food. Pizza takeaways are  still bussy and pizza is delivered to thousands of homes every day.

However, last week's report that a simple cheese-and-tomato pizza from a High Street chain could contain three-quarters of the daily limit of saturated fat made for alarming reading. The study, from consumer watchdog Which?, also found that some contain more than half the recommended daily amount of salt.

Yet you can still have your pizza and eat it. Simply head to the supermarket where healthier, fresh options contain a fraction of the calories, fat and salt.

If for some reason you prefer getting hot pizza delivered to you at home then why not order food online? There are hundreds of pizza takeaways to order online. No need to store old pizza menus in your kitchen cupboard.

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2010-01-05 19:07  |  Skatīts: 1539x