Pizza delivery in UK

Pizza delivery is a service in which a pizzeria delivers a pizza to a customer, usually ordered by telephone or Internet. Delivery is normally made with an automobile or motor scooter, with the pizza temporarily stored in a "hotbag". While free delivery was a common practice in the past, delivery charges are now commonly applied to such purchases, and it is customary in some areas to tip the driver. Several attempts have been made to organize labor unions for pizza delivery drivers.

Pizzerias will often incorporate a time guarantee or a promise delivery within a predetermined period of time, perhaps specifying that late deliveries will be free of charge. For example, Domino's Pizza had a commercial campaign in the 1980s and early 1990s promising, "30 minutes or it's free." This practice was discontinued in 1993 due to a number of lawsuits arising from accidents caused by hurried delivery drivers. Now, pizzerias will commonly state to the customer an approximate time frame for a delivery, without making any guarantees as to the actual delivery time. In early 2008, Domino's introduced the "You Got 30 Minutes," which is not a promise or guarantee, but a goal that Domino's claims to strive for.

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